Master of 问答式的部

透过香港大学,以基督的知识启发下一代 Dallas Master of 问答式的部. 

教职员工将神学与教牧结合得如此之好,让我不断感到振奋 现实. What I am learning is opening my eyes to the bigger reality of our faith while still resonating deeply with my own experience. 


教理讲授包括福传和持续的信仰培育,两者都是 are integral to the Christian life and pertinent to any element of ministry. 主人的 教理部的学位和研究生证书是专门设计的 对于那些愿意担任成人培育主任的人,堂区教理讲授 儿童教育领导或主任,RCIA主任,天主教学校教师 或管理员.

该计划将神学和教牧知识与实际应用相结合 of catechetical principles and methods. Every student in the 问答式的部 该计划需要一套核心课程和课程,专门针对原则 of religious education.

Master of 问答式的部 Degree Requirements 

教理事工硕士学生结合事工核心课程(21) 学分)与学位特定的课程要求(15学分)完成 36 total credit hours of course work. 

Core Curriculum Courses

  • TMIN 5311. 研究生研讨会.  Required of all first-year students.  It is designed to introduce new students to 世界神学和教牧部的研究生学习,并协助他们 in undertaking graduate level work successfully.  Students will be led through the 神学研究写作的整个过程,从阅读理解到神学 analysis, from first draft to final paper.   Proseminar is offered only in the Fall semester, with both on site and online options..
  • TMIN 5310. Foundations of Catholic Biblical Interpretation. 本课程的内容和结构是根据圣经的描述 the Second Vatican Council: the words of God expressed in human language (DV 13). 因此,它将首先讨论启示,传递-传统, 灵感,圣经真理和正典,传统上表达了教会的 belief in the divine origin of the Bible. Second, it will deal with the nature of 圣经是人类的文献,与植根于特定坐标的文化相联系 空间和时间. Finally, it will review the development and nature of modern scientific 圣经解释的方法和途径,以及教会的反应 to and positions on these methods and approaches in the last 100 years. 
  • TMIN 5330. 系统神学. 这门课程让学生对基督教社区经验进行结构化的反思 以及这种信仰在天主教中是如何被理解、表达和实践的 传统. It invites dialogue among students and with the formative elements of Catholic 传统 to consider theological method (i.e., How do we do this work properly?), 教义的明确性(一).e., What does our formative 传统 teach?) and pastoral practice (i.e., How do theology and pastoral 现实 influence one another?). 专题 重点包括启示和信仰,上帝,三位一体,基督论,基督教人类学, 和 theology of the church, including Mary 和 saints.
  • TMIN 5350. 道德神学. 基本道德神学的批判性调查,这门课程包括独特性 基督教道德、良心形成、自然法则、道德规范和决策. 它提供了一个进入特殊道德神学的入口,其中包括生物伦理学,环境伦理学 ethics, healthcare ethics, sexual ethics, and social ethics.
  • TMIN 5360. Liturgy and Sacraments. 本课程提供了历史,神学和礼仪庆典的批判性调查 根据天主教会的罗马仪式的圣礼,特别的 attention given to the role of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A.).
  • TMIN 7396. 问答式的部 Capstone. Students take this course in their final semester. It provides an opportunity for 他们将以前的课程和阅读与所需的知识和技能结合起来 to address particular pastoral tasks effectively. The capstone usually is taken for 三个学时,通常由经验丰富的牧师现场提供 监督. Capstone projects require detailed applications and written approval by ministry faculty supervisors several months prior to registration. 
  •  经文选修. 学生必须完成一门旧约或新约的选修课 as offered by the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal 艺术s. 

 MCM Program Required Courses

  • TMIN 6370. Ministry in the Church. 本课程探讨天主教会的当代事工现象 from the angles of theology and pastoral practice. Theological exploration focuses 论圣经对事奉的异象,教会事奉的历史及其教义 underpinnings and implications, especially in ecclesiology. Pastoral consideration 反映有效的牧养事工所需的态度、知识和技能 在今天的教堂里. Integrating these perspectives, the course includes discussion 与当代事工场景和重要教会文件有关的问题 关于部门组建
  • TMIN 6371. Pastoral Administration and Management. 本课程探讨教区在教会生活中的目的和功能, 和 role of pastoral administration within it. Students consider the theology 以及对堂区生活的体验,以及对许多重要事工的反思 为教会的成功,包括话语、敬拜、服务和社区建设的事工. 规划、领导、管理世俗物品、沟通、 and managing relationships are among topics considered.
  • TMIN 6375. Catechetics 和 Development of Faith. This course introduces the history, theology, and practice of catechesis. 这包括 当代教理讲授的方法、内容和课程,特别关注 on age-appropriateness and faith and its maturation in people.
  • TMIN 7375. 教理问答模型. 对新兴模式和教理讲授方法的调查包括对话 相互学习生命周期中的方法来帮助那些做好准备的人 for or already bearing this responsibility. Particular attention will be given to the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A.) as a model for the catechetical 旅行、成人教理讲授、善牧教理讲授、家庭教理讲授、跨文化 catechesis, small Christian communities, and youth and young adult catechesis. 
  • 选修(3学时)


MCM项目还包含了一个指导过程,在这个过程中,学生们是成对的 与专业牧师谁提供额外的支持,鼓励和实际 knowledge that augments and extends the classroom experience.

欢迎您Welcome Master of 问答式的部

完全认可. 即食.

The Braniff Graduate School of Liberal 艺术s ministerial 研究生课程完全由南方大学委员会认证 并按照USCCB的标准办理 certification and accreditation.  

The 欢迎您Welcome is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (囊) to award Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. 度.


部长级研究生课程,在内容和形式,旨在确保这一点 成功的学生将准备进入部长级劳动力已经见面 the standards set by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Commission on Certification and Accreditation, 和 National Certification Standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministers.

教牧部-青年部硕士课程是专门设计的 to educate leaders based on the U.S. Catholic Bishops' pastoral plan, "Renewing the Vision - A Framework for Catholic Youth Ministry." 它还与以国家能力为基础的认证标准相关 是由 National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry in conjunction with the USCCB.


The Braniff Graduate School of Liberal 艺术s is a member of the Association of Graduate Programs in MinistryAssociation for Clinical Pastoral Education.