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Offering enhanced layered application support for NetApp storage.

World-Class NetApp支持 and Maintenance

When the typical three-year warranty support period is over, many 客户 begin to investigate how to renew NetApp support so they can extend hardware lifespan with confidence. Others start looking at NetApp maintenance alternatives, especially if the cost of the OEM contract or the support level choices aren’t a good fit for their needs and budget.

与Park Place科技合作, you can maintain your NetApp storage equipment past its warranty or end of service life and get direct access to our technical NetApp第三方支持. Our NetApp support lets you extend your equipment’s useful life beyond key NetApp结束生命 milestones that can result in dramatic savings.

在现实中, only NetApp premium support can approach the quality delivered by top-tier third party maintenance providers, 比如Park Place Technologies. Yet Park Place clients spend at least 50% less on their annual contracts while gaining more support features, 包括:

  • 直接支持. Park Place staffs only Level 3 engineers, so our clients get help and answers right away. 与NetApp相比, w在这里 a simple question deemed “Severity Level 4” is assigned at least a full-day’s wait time, even for 客户 paying for premium support.
  • 部分安装. Park Place’s parts service is superior to NetApp warranty or standard service. Spares always arrive quickly, and an engineer installs them—no self-installation required, ever.
  • Complete hardware, software, and firmware support. No matter what service level a client chooses, Park Place delivers a complete NetApp support solution that is as effective in dealing with drive failures as with ONTAP quandaries. T在这里 is no need to pay a premium price to get ONTAP help!
  • 使用ParkView进行主动监控. Our 24/7 monitoring system is a level above, with integrated machine learning to proactively identify faults in the earliest stages. The system also automatically triages and files the trouble ticket, so our engineers are on the way to a fix, often before the client even realizes t在这里 is a problem.
  • 多供应商支持. Park Place offers contracts on a full variety of storage, server, and networking gear. The end result is an inclusive, no-fuss, “one stop shop” support solution for the entire data center.

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Park Place offers NetApp storage solutions that help in handling hardware support as well as basic and enhanced layered application support services. NetApp 3rd party support from Park Place supports the following devices:
    • NetApp FAS200
    • NetApp FAS2000
    • NetApp FAS3000
    • NetApp FAS6000
    • NetApp FAS8000
    • NetApp FAS900-NetStor
    • NetApp StorVault
    • NetApp v系列
    • NetApp f系列
    • NetApp IBM系列
woman on headset giving NetApp 3rd party support


NetApp support from Park Place allows you to extend the life of your data center hardware by providing world-class service and support that includes our fast and responsive 24/7 domestic call center.

  • 一天24小时,一周7天
  • 最初的手机诊断
  • Field Engineer on-site (if required) within 4 hours after customer contact
mobile app dashboard for NetApp storage support


The first of its kind in the third-party 数据中心维护 类别, PPTechMobile brings the self-service convenience of our customer portal (Central Park) right to your mobile devices.


  • 提交、编辑和查看事件
  • 监控升级流程
  • 访问所有合同资产
  • In order to use PPTechMobile, 客户 will first need to register for Central Park.
  • 了解更多 在这里.


We employ a comprehensive team of field service and advanced L3 engineers that have an average of 15+ years of direct OEM experience with 存储硬件维护. These teams are located in cities around the world and can be on-site at your facility within 4 hours. That’s professional NetApp hardware support whenever you need it, w在这里ver your storage hardware is located.
  • 400+
  • 15+
  • 100K+


View all your assets and solve any issue with greater efficiency and improved response times. Central Park provides a single pane of glass that allows you to:
  • 获得所有事件的实时可见性
  • 提交一个票
  • 视图中打开/关闭票
  • 查看所有活跃的公园广场合同
  • View all assets under contract (active or inactive)
  • 添加设备
  • Add, update, enable, and disable technical contacts per location