After confirming** enrollment with the 招生 办公室, all incoming freshmen and transfer undergraduate students must complete the following forms for the 办公室 of 学生事务和学生健康服务中心. 一些形式属于 basic necessities of life, while other forms assist with a smoother transition to 大学生活. 此请求的信息是非学术的. 所有学术问题 请寄给康斯坦丁学院院长.

(**You are defined as a 'confirmed' student when you have submitted the 要求 $400 enrollment deposit and 'Enrollment Decision Form' online through your Application 巴黎人真人app portal的状态页面. 请不要填写下列表格,除非 你就属于这一类.)

请记住,填写这些表格是非常困难的 对时间敏感的 并且会影响你的居住和学业地位. 你可以和家长一起检查. 


5页 健康的形式 是必须的 所有 即将入学的本科生们, 包括 一点.  提交截止日期为7月1日.

Late applicants: Be advised that you will be unable to move on campus, participate 在方向 nor receive a class schedule unless health form submission is approved for clearance by the 学生健康服务中心 BEFORE August 1st.

Due to signature requirements, the 健康的形式 is in PDF format which may be downloaded 从上面的链接打印.  不要拖延.  This 5 page form typically takes the most time to complete as it requires a visit to the doctor's office; you will need to 带着这5页纸去约会. Please note the State of Texas requirement of a meningitis vaccine for 所有新生 22岁以下及其他州 要求 vaccines listed on the Immunization Record page of this form.  See the Immunization Record page for critical information regarding vaccine exemption 来自德克萨斯州的要求.  其他页面需要病史信息等.

Schedule your doctor's appointment soon so that you may return the form in a timely 的方式. Upon confirmation of enrollment to 巴黎人真人app, a medical hold is placed on the account of 所有 新生. 未能清除 医疗举行 will prevent you from moving on campus, receiving your class schedule and participating 在方向. 

强烈建议你 保留完整的副本 for your personal records in the possible event that your mailing is not received.  填妥表格后,请邮寄至:

1845 E. 北门开

的 completed form may also be securely faxed to 972-721-5124.  如果你传真表格, be prepared for a request for the original if the fax is not legible.  另一个选择 是扫描页面和电子邮件吗 udhealthclinic@www.youngthurgood.com 作为附件.  SHSC的电话号码是972-721-5322.

You are welcome to call the 学生健康服务中心 at the number above should you have any questions about immunization requirements or other items contained in 巴黎人真人app健康表格.


所有 and continuing full-time undergraduates (except domestic 一点) are automatically enrolled in and charged for the student insurance program. 年度流程开始 5月,截止日期为9月.  新入学的春季学生有 2月是完成的最后期限.  但是,健康保险费用可以免除 upon proper submission of an online waiver directly with the insurance company broker.  2023年9月11日 is the annual deadline date for online waiver submissions for 新 2023年秋季学生.   这是一个必须完成的过程 每一个 学年 and normally occurs during the summer in preparation for the upcoming 学年.  

点击 在这里 浏览学术健康计划网站上的巴黎人真人app网页.  在顶部的菜单栏中 right is a link to 'Benefits' where coverage details are available. 

点击 在这里 for the 巴黎人真人app page with details towards the bottom on how to log in to the insurance waiver system, once available for students about May 1st and soon 你的新巴黎人真人app电邮地址已发给你.  如果无法登录,请联系 学生事务处.

的 direct link to the actual online waiver form will be provided on the 'waiver' 标签在上面的网页一旦可用.  你有学生证号码和保险吗 card in front of you before you begin the online waiver.  还强烈建议 you also upload a copy of both the front and back of your insurance card (or a recently dated letter of coverage) while you are inside the waiver form.  豁免状态更新 will be ONLY sent to the 巴黎人真人app email address of the student from Academic Health Plans.

Absence of a verified waiver form by the 2023年9月11日 deadline date implies 您是否接受课程及相关费用.  截止日期没有例外 是有可能的.


由于 强制性居住要求 所有新生 (一点除外) 必须 填写房屋申请/合同 -OR- a Commuter Application if you qualify to do so (see above linked web page) by 不迟于7月1日.  

You will later be notified with the necessary details to log into our 新 online housing/roommate 匹配程序,eRezLife.  This is where you will submit your annual housing contract to live on campus OR submit 通勤应用程序 if living locally with parents or you are over the age of 21. 

Upon confirmation, 所有新生 (一点除外) are automatically billed 标准食宿费用. 这些费用将在收到 有效通勤申请表.


  • Completion of Housing Application/Contract before July 1st.
  • Receipt by the 学生健康服务中心 by July 1st of the completed 健康的形式  (见上文).
  • Release of any account holds by the Business 办公室, Registrar, etc. 

Be advised that any campus resident who breaks their housing contract at any point during the 学年 while still enrolled and 后 previously moving on campus 欢迎您Welcome会收取500美元的合同破碎费吗.  见已出版'条款和条件,以了解巴黎人真人下载详情.

点击 在这里 to view YouTube video of a typical 新 student residence hall room.

点击 在这里 for Dining 服务 information for the 2023-2024 学年.  特殊学生 dietary needs may contact Dining 服务 directly from the same web page.  全 Access 7 Plus meal plan is the default plan for all 新 student residents.  这个计划 may be upgraded, but not downgraded to a lower meal plan reserved for upperclassmen.

Please note that email is our primary means of communication with students so it is 你的责任 定期检查你的信息.  所有 official emails will be sent via your 新 巴黎人真人app email address once issued to you 通过招生.



的 2023-2024年学生事务日历可用 在这里 with updated critical deadlines, hall opening/closing dates and food service dates 校园居民.

Additional resource information may be found on this web page about 《巴黎人真人下载》.

After confirmation of enrollment at the 欢迎您Welcome, students with disabilities intending to live on campus must contact the 学生事务处 as early as 如果需要特殊的安排,是可能的.  直接与官员跟进 请求是必需的 学生残疾服务 办公室.