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Your at-a-glance guide to key stages; terminology and to identifying best fit scenarios for alternatives to OEM network maintenance


就网络支持术语而言,这是一个雷区, 所以让我们先来解决这个问题. 生命终结(EoL) sounds pretty terminal and basically means no further hardware support will be forthcoming from your manufacturer. The acronyms that manufacturers use to identify various milestones differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The essence of what they are all attempting to communicate is when they stop selling a device; when they stop updating software codes; and when they stop supporting the hardware with maintenance contracts. 而序列不变, 时间轴可以, and anywhere between 3-5 years is the typical timeframe in the life of an asset. Therefore, when it comes to ‘EoL’ definitively triggering alternative maintenance options for networking assets, 毫无疑问,一种方法并不适用于所有人.

也许更好的定位方法是识别设备的年代? There is, of course, a direct correlation between asset age and your maintenance options opening up. Generally, this range is 3 to 5 years after the End of Sale announcement to really start exploring options for significant contract savings. 这就是为什么记录日期是值得做基础工作的原因. According to Gartner in their 2019 Market Guide for Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance, “TPM contracts can offer customers 50% to 70% savings off OEM support net prices.”1


不管年龄多大,都有一些明确的禁忌 网络维护 direct from your manufacturer and beware of any organisation that tells you otherwise. 巴黎人真人的方法旨在帮助客户管理网络资产支持和维护的总成本,同时降低风险. 巴黎人真人的混合方法建议,只将严重依赖于订购服务和/或软件更新(只有在OEM支持合同下才能获得)的项目置于原始设备制造商(OEM)维护之下,并将剩余的设备迁移到原始设备制造商(OEM) 巴黎人真人的NetSure维护程序. This method will result in significant cost savings without degradation of support, 在大多数情况下, 会提供更好的体验吗. 与巴黎人真人进行一次无义务的咨询,将很快得出一个清晰的定义,即哪个支持模型与您组织当前的设备和技术路线图相匹配. 这将通过巴黎人真人的ClearView报告实现.


Avoiding the above scenarios, how do you begin to understand the state of your network assets? The first step in any hardware lifecycle management process is to set the stage with a complete understanding of all components. At Curvature, for example, 我们的ClearView硬件支持评估服务快速确定网络资产处于生命周期的哪个阶段,并注意到关键的里程碑. 这些里程碑通常以日志的形式销售年底结束日期(EoS)和软件维护(EoSW)发布日期(在这里没有软件将发布新的更新和oem厂商只对硬件响应维护请求路由通过一个技术援助中心发送一个替换). Manufacturers typically also throw in end of support terminology including Last Date of Support (LDoS), 新服务结束, 使用寿命结束(EoSL)——通常在此日期之后, 你得靠你自己.

或者, 巴黎人真人混合方法的目的是检查客户网络,并根据产品类型做出维修决策, SLA required, 以及客户的长期业务需求 (不是产品发布路线图).

没有资产评估工具, 如去年ClearView, 指导您完成时间顺序和支持选项, will you be made aware of these critical dates and support options in advance by your OEM? Unlikely. 原始设备制造商更喜欢有一个稳定的产品发布周期, coupled with forced maintenance support; issuance of EoL notices; issuance of End of Software Maintenance; issuance of 新服务结束 notices, and finally, 强制升级设备. If you are able to identify EoL milestones and support options in advance, 这样你就有了更大的选择自由. When you have visibility of the approaching milestones and support options, your organisation is in a position to make an educated choice going forward. You will be in a position to understand where it makes sense to pay the premium fees for manufacturer support, 你有机会延长产品的生命周期, reduce OpEx, 并利用第三方维护(TPM)延迟/推迟资本支出.

So what does Curvature’s ClearView analysis look like and will it provide the answers to alternate 网络维护?

我们坚信这一点! ClearView工具使用一个清晰的识别系统,在网络资产的整体真人游戏中突出显示最优的网络设备, 就在庄园的对面. 最后分析 对风险和建议提供公正的观点 要么继续得到制造商的支持,要么, go ahead and consider an independent support strategy derived from a complete maintenance audit. 它是免费的,远程操作,并且没有义务.

我们包括关于单个项目生命周期状态的信息,以及说明为什么一个项目最适合巴黎人真人的项目资格说明(绿色), 巴黎人真人可选(琥珀色), 或推荐用于制造商支持(红色). Think of it like a traffic signal – green means go, red means a TPM stop. 而有时开着黄色的灯是安全的, 有时这是不可取的, the choice differs from driver to driver and from intersection to intersection.  这同样适用于Network TPM领域.  An amber flagged item for Customer A may be an absolute move to TPM; while Customer B would never think of moving the same item to TPM.

In detail, ClearView过程从一个资产清单列表开始, 通过部件编号或描述上传到巴黎人真人的接近性分析和数据库匹配门户,以提供一个安全的支持可行性清单. 该列表在一行级别上进行审计, checking inventory logs where required for specific items to generate a detailed strategy recommendation for each device. 在产生的资产报告中, 显示用于网络设备的交通灯颜色编码, 哪个应该得到制造商的支持,哪个可以, and should be, 搬到更划算的地方, 独立的支持计划, 并详细说明任何风险级别以供考虑.

ClearView的下一步是一个详细的探索,以确定您目前如何使用您的设备,以及您未来的IT战略是什么样的. 这个细节有助于巴黎人真人的推荐, without bias, 为您的IT硬件资产制定正确的与制造商无关的战略. Lastly, 我们量化并确定运营成本的立即下降 and flag known scenarios or “gotchas” that we frequently see where the manufacturer may be suggesting premature hardware upgrades. Only now, 有了这些数据和建议, 你能决定下一步的最佳策略吗.

Typical Traffic-Light Results and Recommendations from the ClearView analysis:

绿灯放行意味着巴黎人真人支持是可行的,并建议:这类网络资产似乎是TPM支持的主要候选人,而不会丧失OEM支持的任何关键元素. On green status, you stand to gain greater support options at a far lower cost. 这些网络资产很可能要么将被终止支持, devices where software updates have ceased or devices where software updates may be available without an OEM Support contract. 你选出的TPM现在可以为你承担这个任务. In effect, 绿色的状态下, TPM将能够在制造商规定的产品出厂日期之外提供支持——通常是x3的时间尺度因子. Not only does this provide an OpEx reduction in challenging budgeting times, 但你也可以控制刷新日期, 不是制造商. It should be noted that not all items that have passed the End of Support date (LDoS) naturally fall into the green light category, some are tethered to the OEM and connection to the profiles within ClearView analysis quickly discovers that. It is also worth checking if software updates are available to download free from your existing vendor, (一个经典的例子是基于IP的局域网交换机的更新).

On flexibility, 如果解决方案属于绿色范畴, your choices also open up to flexi SLAs that can be largely designed to suit your business and operational needs. Suddenly, you can integrate services without uniformity – to individual sites or to central locations – and flexi SLAs can cover, 零件交付和/或现场工程师, 提供当天及下一个工作日的服务! 这里有必要强调备件管理. Curvature stages spare hardware in accordance with the contracted service level, effectively offering true same day or next business day service levels. 这些承诺在哪里无法兑现, Curvature will identify that upfront and work with you to offer custom sparing options. 如果你读了很多条款 OEM服务水平, you will notice that guaranteed same-day or next business day delivery is not always promised.

ClearView对网络资产的琥珀色分析结果可能意味着网络设备在固件更新方面已经达到稳定状态, 不过可能会发布进一步的更新. Otherwise, an obvious gotcha to avoid is continuing with manufacturer premium support without using updates.

And obviously, 行项分析的红色结果表明,在服务的关键要素(如许可)方面,制造商继续完全依赖于制造商, features, updates, 或特定的技术支持. Needless to say, 当这些红色的项目在它们的生命周期中进展时, 它们可能会变成琥珀色或绿色.


Manufacturers are constantly pushing hardware upgrades whether they’re technically required or not. 许多买家正在寻求整合合同或供应商,然后意识到他们为制造商的支持支付了额外的费用,而制造商的支持可能并不能提供他们所支付的一切, i.e., access to software updates on items that are passed the software support milestone. 其他买家则在质疑为什么会这样 退役的硬件 这比满足技术需求更有能力,仅仅是为了保持制造商支持合同的资格. 当项目接近其支持里程碑的终点时, the manufacturer will begin to suggest hardware upgrades whether you have a technical reason to upgrade, or not. 这可能已经发生了. If so, you now know you have viable choices with an established process of how to get there. 最后的结果? 巴黎人真人帮助您的组织立即减少资本支出,并延长产品生命周期,以减少和/或延迟大规模资本支出.

使用ClearView评估所启用的可见性, 你会有时间的, information, 以及你需要更好地计划升级的洞察力. 您将能够决定哪些资产可以长期使用,哪些资产需要您预算升级或采购具有成本效益的备件. 巴黎人真人还可以帮助您延长设备的使用寿命,但仍然满足其技术需求,但可能会根据制造商的产品生命周期安排硬件升级. 至少, 您将深入了解必须避免强制或过早升级硬件的选项,同时继续使用和获得现有硬件的维护支持.                                                               

Centralised Ticket Management for a Compounded Approach to Network Maintenance:

And finally, 另一个可以考虑的“皮带和支架”选项是通过TPM提供的集中雨伞式售票和管理服务, 大约60%的网络合同由TPM维护, 而剩下的40%的支持则是来自于制造商. 这个场景提供了一个单一的管理视图,它同时提供了两个方面的优点,并且非常重要地允许对打开的票证和整个地产的维护状态进行即时的可见性.

To find out more about all aspects of Curvature’s ClearView service, please visit http://www.youngthurgood.com/third-party-maintenance/clearview-maintenance-audit/.

1Gartner, Market Guide for Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance, Rob Schafer, 克里斯汀Tenneson, Mike Toussaint, Daniel Bowers, 29 August 2019

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